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I've seen a lot of crazy things since I covered my first high school baseball game, and I'm sure I'll see many more of them in the years to come.

I've been in Arkansas for 14 years and there's no better or worse place than Texas. While Tex-Mex doesn't taste the same after all these years, most high school football fields have turf.

Machurek is also in the process of bringing the emerging beach volleyball sport to the LaGrange campus in 2020. On Monday, the newly designed three-field sports hall, named after the beach volleyball court, was unveiled.

There are no purple plastic stadium seats, which suits a city at the center of a triangle that connects Austin, Houston and San Antonio. There is no place in Texas where high school football is more important than the extraction of crude oil and gas. Towering over the rest of the city is a towering football palace, similar to that found in other parts of Texas, LaGrange High School Stadium.

Part of his decision to go to Texas was to follow in his father's footsteps, but the biggest factor was the opportunity to play for Coach Strong. When Lawrence Dobbins enrolled as a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin in 2010, he was frustrated when he didn't get game time immediately. He signed up before his visit to Ohio State because he wanted to end up playing for the same school as his mother and he thought the Buckeyes gave him the best chance. USC is the only school that has really struggled with Texas, "Kirk said," but I want to play for a championship.

Kirk Collin had the opportunity to play football for a variety of major programs across the country. Miller of the Bulldogs made his first appearance as a freshman in the 2009 national championship game against Alabama.

Westbury's 4x100-meter relay team won national championships in 1998 and three of the four relay runners returned the next year to win the national title. From 1998 to 2003, the 4x200-m relay was the national record holder of the WHS and from 2003 to 2005, the team made it three times to the national championships.

The small-town athlete became one of the most famous football players in Texas history. He had a decades-long playing career in the National Football League, was a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and is a finalist for the Heisman Trophy as the nation's best football player.

As a freshman, he was the MVP of the Big Ten championship and hopes to do the same this weekend when Ohio State plays 15th-ranked TCU. Both teams have shown a lot of courage over the years, even though the two teams are separated by 15 miles along the Texas 71. He played high school football for the first time at Michigan Stadium in his senior year and was also the MVP in that game.

The 2007 team finished its season with a 37-10-1 on Friday and is 2-2 in the NCAA regional in Orange, California. The 6-foot-2, 190-pound senior from San Antonio did a fantastic job as the Panthers "power forward in the Southern Conference tournament and was instrumental in the Longhorns winning the NCAA Indoor National Championship in 2006. Machurek led his team to three Conference championships and participated as a member of the team in four NCAA Division II national championships.

Sixty of Brimmer's Westbury students - athletes - have since competed in inter-collegiate athletics competitions, with nine of his 2004 senior year students signing national memoranda of understanding and being offered scholarships for the 2004-05 academic year. In 1993 he was elected District Coach of the Year ten times and was the absolute leader in both the 100-meter and 200-meter races. His Westbury team finished third in the 2003 NCAA Division II Indoor National Championship and won the national title in the 3,000-foot race in 2004.

Grounds earned a degree in finance and commutes to the University of Houston, 100 miles away, at least a few times a week. Rodney stayed for a few years, teaching Rotc Leadership at Westbury before going to the University of Texas for law and then Texas A & M University in Houston.

Shot put player Michelle Carter won the 2006 NCAA Indoor Championship and added four All-America titles. Brimmer also coached the national relay teams in the long jump, helping the shot putters to a national title in 2006 and a second place in 2007. The high school coach coached high jumper Destinee Hooker and played baseball and football for the Bulldogs. Coach Jim Wacker is the head coach of the Texas A & M men's athletics team and an assistant coach at Westbury.

He served as the strength and conditioning coach for the team and excelled as an assistant coach in volleyball. He was a member of the Austin Junior Volleyball program, of which he was head coach, and is a former assistant coach of the Texas A & M men's and women's volleyball teams.

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