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The city of Round Top, Texas, is known to many as home to the La Grange Antiques Show, an internationally recognized antiques fair held every spring and fall. The world-famous Summer Music Festival, which is held for six weeks in June and July, also offers chamber and orchestral concerts every weekend. La grange offers a wide range of events throughout the year, including a variety of music, food, art and entertainment events, such as a concert series, a children's playground and much more.

For more information on accommodations and activities, check out our guide to the best hotels and restaurants in Round Top, Texas. If you want to venture into the surrounding towns, we recommend you look around Brenham for a full list. Some of our favourites are Bebe's, Rose City Cafe and La Grange Music Festival, but check out our full lists for more information on the city's local restaurants and bars. Check out the latest list of places to shop and eat at the Chamber of Commerce's Round Top.

Below is a list of our favorite things to do this time of year, and you should check out our Round Top Antiques Week guide - it includes all the best local antiques and antique shops, as well as local restaurants and bars.

The museum is open daily, as is the John G. Gin Museum. Guided tours are offered to learn more about the history and distillation of gin and gin in Texas, and tours of the historic complex are also offered.

If you are travelling in a drizzle during your visit on a weekend, add this place to your list as it is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm. They even provide fishing rods so you can fish for yourself, and if you are fishing, even more fun.

The outdoor terrace is the perfect place to relax in front of the cosy backdrop. Grab a good book and come relaxed, because it will remind you of the time you spent in your grandparents "house. The only problem is that you may be wondering if you will return to the cabin when you return. You could spend an entire afternoon there and still relax outdoors - in the warm air and in the cosy surroundings.

If that's not enough, head to the square of the La Grange Courthouse, where you'll find plenty of opportunities to browse the city's antique shops, antique shops and vintage shops. The largest antique shop is not located in the city center, but look for boutiques that have sweet displays during your visit.

In addition to the many shops on Henkel Square, you will also find the hip Ellis Motel in the city centre, as well as a number of vintage shops and restaurants.

Guests can enjoy coffee roasted from the neighbouring Two Sparrows roasting house or enjoy coffee roasting in the on-site café. We recommend the Texas Trash Classic Cherry, but don't forget the scoop of ice cream on top! We concluded with a visit to the famous Texas Pie Shop on top of Henkel Square and had five pieces of the world famous pies ordered.

Our favorite on the menu was the grilled fish paste with home-baked chips, but we also offered to take dinner with us for a snack while we were there. We also ate some of the many delicious snacks in the restaurant while we were there, like the Texas sourdough cake and the BBQ chicken.

Teague's Tavern offers live music throughout the day and serves a variety of delicious dishes including Texas Fried Chicken and BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Teague is also a popular place to drink a cold beer on a hot summer day, and if you need a break from shopping in the city, the terrace is the perfect place to kick back for a few. Speaking of relaxing with cold in hand, Stone Celler offers wood-heated pizzas, a picturesque bistro that serves crusts, as well as a wide selection of beer and wine.

Nothing can go wrong with any of the starters, but our favourites are the grilled cheese and the chicken-cheese sandwich with cheddar cheese.

Blue Mule Winery is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the Texas State Fairgrounds. The property has four historic buildings, including the historic Henkel Hall, a historic church, an event hall and a wedding chapel. These include the Henkels Hall event hall and the wedding chapels, where small, intimate weddings often take place.

On a sunny day, families are often seen frolicking around picnic tables or on the lawn. I knew I was going to get something to eat when a gentleman registered me for the museum, so I went to the two-room museum and asked if I wanted to have a look in the back. He gave me his personal background, answered my husband's questions, and I asked him if he wanted me to look back.

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More About La Grange